The first step towards unstoppable power is enabling The Witcher 3's debug console to allow access to cheats. (S_Perk_11) = Focus (S_Sword_s13) = Lightning Reflexes Cause i can’t triggers Triss romance quest “now or never”, i already complete all Novigard main & side quest but still unable start this quest, it’s just never appears in my quest log. durability for weapons and armor. You’ll also want to check out The Witcher’s home on Reddit. Trying to figure out the command to change movement foot speed and sprint speed. As we’ve noted many times, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Has anyone found them in-game, without inputting commands? “additem (‘Soltis Vodka’)” Gaunter O’ Dimm’s Reward if you pick vodka option, gives unlimited alcohol for achemy potions so no more Alchoest and Dwarven Spirit, “additem (Cornucopia)” Gaunter O’ Dimm’s Reward if you pick never go hungry, gives you infinite food, “additem (Geralt Kontusz)” Ornate robe from wedding, “additem (Geralt Kontusz R)” Ornate robe (light armor) you get in Von Everac Manor, “additem (Thief Armor B)” Relic New moon Armor, “additem (‘Plank’)” The fenceboard from wedding it will be in quest item tab, “additem (‘Olgierd Sabre’) Iris sword you get if you help Olgierd from O’ Dimm, “additem (‘PC Caretaker Shovel’)” Caretaker’s Shovel, “additem (‘Ofir Horse Bag’)” Ofieri Saddlebags, “additem (‘Ofir Horse Blinders’)” Ofieri Blinders, “additem (‘q603_emhyr_mask’)” Emhyr’s Mask from the Auction House Heist, “additem (‘q603_foltest_mask’)” Foltest’s Mask, “additem (‘q603_henselt_mask’)” Henselt Mask, “additem (‘q603_radovid_mask’)” Asshole’s mask, ‘additem (‘gwint_card_cow’)” Cow Gwent card, “additem (‘gwint_card_schirru’)” Schirru Card, “additem (‘Thief Gloves’)” New Moon Gloves, All Thief items can be modified with B, Y, and No Medallion (IE “Thief Armor No Medallion” or “Thief Armor B”), HoS Item Complete List: Oct 10, 2015 @ 2:40pm Wolf School Gear scavenger hunt glitch I'm doing the scavenger hunt, went to the tower, read the notes, looking for the crystal that's on the ledge. additem(‘Thief Gloves’) additem(‘Crafted Ofir Armor’) Is there a way to add all the voices to the bestiary? additem(‘Geralt_kontusz_r’) I congratulate you because of this article that I’ll recommend to prospects around. additem(‘Thief Boots’) additem(‘Glyph reinforcement schematic’) What’s up! Probably my favorite game of all time. Someone have used this command and worked fine for him? additem(‘Broadhead Bolt Legendary’) the cheat seem worked in the game but i got 1 problem , i cant play as Ciri. additem(‘gwint_card_dun_banner_medic’) is not working… any idea of what’s wrong? The Witcher 3 Guide: Cheats, Unlimited Money, XP, Abilities, Locations And More. The stable hand is not in the stable for you to lead him out like he is supposed to be. Seems like there’s a command that bugs out your contract, can’t figured out which. (S_Perk_05) = Cat School Techniques The best I could spawn was 1 level below your own level by trying a lot of times. Just look at addgwintcards, it is supposed to give you every card, but is in reality missing one of them. I looked through the Rewards.xml but cant find it?? I’m also curious if we can make Geralt shoot lightning like one of the mages this way. (S_Sword_1) = Fast Attack Glitch Description: Here’s how to surpass the world’s end border in The Witcher 3! additem(‘Burning Rose Armor B’) Another year – but… I just looked for these recently, so maybe someone else will – THESE seem to be the highest level bolts – that I find anyway. (S_Perk_16) = In Combat’s Fires ), I’ll rework weapons today. Didn’t know if this was possible to do through debug but I’d figure I’d give it a shot. additem(‘Rune pierog’) appearance(shani_lingerie) hi all im still having problems with additem. – Squirrel tail thanks. thats too freakin’ awesome dude good work ^^ BTW Do you k’now which ones are the best , strongest gwent card ? my sign intensity is stuck at 1.5k% (because of the bug) and I need to lower it. At this point, we think it’s worth noting that CD Projekt Red is not going to stop supporting this game any time soon. Help , Question about fast travel – is there any way to display the coordinates on the map? It’s been a couple of years now, so I don’t expect this to get updated, but I’d still love to know what the additem() ID is for bolts, particularly exploding bolts (relic quality). additem(‘Glyph reinforcement lesser’) Can only advice to try out different keys. Thanks, I tried appearance(ciri_winter) but Ciri is dressed only in cinematics. Adel Morse….oh dear, you’re “suffering” from the dreaded mutagen issue. additem(‘Glyph binding’) The Witcher 3 is such an open-ended game that no two players will have the same experience. I just wanted to tell you that you may want to add that those commands may require an extra underscore because mine only works with two and not one. I think with the Magic Lamp and the Eye of Nehaleni I might try to continue. additem(‘Crafted Burning Rose Sword’) Do you happen to know a command that hides all the HUD including the text that shows up when Geralt gets close to an object/enemy/npc? I’ve tried but haven’t hit the mark yet. how can I make her disappear ? Thanks for your help! So some Quest are bugged because i already have all the schematics Fixed possible infinite firestream glitch. does anyone konw how i can delete the likeaboss stat if yes how? (S_Sword_s20) = Razor Focus (S_Alchemy_3) = Bomb Creation If you’re concerned about these issues, go ahead and wait a few more weeks for the dust around the release to settle. (S_Alchemy_s10) = Pyrotechnics I just always thought it looked awesome…, the addabl(‘Rune veles greater_Stats’) not working. These are internal CD-project commands and as such need to be fixed by CD-Project. Since I want all the armors and swords before I start going deep in the story ? additem(‘Crafted Burning Rose Armor’) 1) When Sirens try to fly out of the water but their wings catch onto the barrels linked to submerged Smugglers' Crates. Your email address will not be published. “#” and “slot” are nonmandatory. For example additem(Caroline) adds the named sword 2-4 levels below your current level. I know it’s a longshot..but There is no combo, add them just as they are entered here and it works. There’s a command that bugs out the game, I don’t know which. The red links won’t open up list :'( help. Some mistaken commands, the numbers for armor, pants, gloves and boots range from 1 to 4, I just tested myself and it’s working. addHair3 Is there a different key for a PC Witcher3…I can’t open it with “~” or should I be put in the whole of this and not just the middle one? (S_Sword_s10) = Deflection works perfectly. additem(‘EP1 Witcher Boots schematic’) hud_remsub Would u find and send me at least this item code: The Eye of Nehaleni code. Does anyone know what sword is it?,and what the sword’s code is? I just noticed that recipes for potions and bombs aren’t in, yet. additem(‘mq1058_contract’) additem(‘Geralt_kontusz’) Doesn’t work, with addmisc neither.. not even while typing it like this (illusion_medallion), any suggestion? (Usually 'The Witcher 3 Wild Huntbinconfigbase'). Others seem to be able to run it without crashing too often. ı almost got every card but ı can’t figure out which to use, how can i remove likeaboss? You might like to test with these. Thanks for the comprehensive guide but I have a problem. The Gangs of Novigrad and Get Junior quests clash, in that you do the objective and it automatically fails. There are 2 versions for runes, try this one: additem(‘Rune elemental greater’), Is there anything for bolts? additem(‘Crafted Ofir Steel Sword schematic’) Cannot find additem() string for Light Essense. (‘NGP Wolf Boots 2’) Me have the same prob. (S_Perk_06) = Griffin School Techniques it would of helped showing every one how to make cap letters in debug,ok here how it goes in debug you do this hold the shift key and the letter H and you do the same for B. You’ll find: how do I add myself chernobog runestones? additem(‘EP1 Viper School silver sword schematic’) If i press the ` button the console closes. Dobromir’s Journal (S_Magic_5) = Axii Sign additem(‘Ofir Pants’) (S_Magic_s18) = Axii Intensity One is the quest where you have to save the horses and the stable hand from the burning stable. (S_Magic_1) = Aard Sign tried additem(‘Armor repair kit 1’) -> gets Basic armor enhancement kit. P.S i tried typing the same buff again to see if it would remove it, but it didn’t. (40-60? Is there a way to fix the issue ? Frequent crashes have been reported by some people playing on Windows Vista. Thing is, if you teleport after killing the Bastard, you don’t get caught by the king’s guard, thus you don’t get the “favour for radovid” quest nore the “ennemy number one of redania”. So can I change the default to where Letho is alive and will appear in his quest? Like changing sign intensity or vitality etc. additem(‘Shovel’) Yeah, I was looking for people who help me find out of they work They are int he game and as such should be able to work somehow. additem(‘Rune tvarog’) I was the one on the nexus forums who discovered you can change character appearance using the appearance command and porvided those short lists (gona get pull together other characters lists when I get a chance). (S_Perk_01) = Sun and Stars I am trying to 100 % the game on my NG+ save and so far i have done everything on Novigrad and in Velen working my way through Skellige but i noticed that during the Get Junior quest i failed the objective ‘Use the secret passage to get to Juniors hideout. try additem(‘Blowbill’) for blowball flowers that worked for me ( : it goes like additem(‘itemname’) for all items and if you want to specify more than one do additem(‘name’,407) or to put something in a slot do additem(‘name’,1,1) the second number puts it in a slot. One of the best games! (S_Perk_19) = Battle Frenzy The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Taunting Witcher Style Roach Glitch. I am not very far into the game, yet. Hey Guys, “triss_dress”) in the game’s files? addHairDLC1 I’ve got a bugged quest and need to open a door, but I don’t know the code for it (or is there a file for each quest where I could look it up and see which door was supposed to get opened)? under the [General] line: I really need at least a few of those if I wanna continue this amazing game but I don’t dare to use the Lua stuff, I’m very bad at programming things. i think , i have solution A quick search told me that there is a conversation somewhere about him. A 6th path already and they still haven’t fixed the mutagen stats issues that EVERYBODY is suffering from, the majority not even knowing it: I will be adding commands as I stumble upon them and you are welcome to contribute to the list , [Long lists are hidden by default, click here to expand all lists][Long lists are now displayed, click here to collapse all lists], [click here to show all weapons][click here to hide all weapons], [click here to show all armor][click here to hide all armor], [click here to show all upgrades, runes and mutagens][click here to hide all upgrades, runes and mutagens], [click here to show masks and decorations][click here to hide masks and decorations], [click here to show all trophies][click here to hide all trophies], [click here to show all schematics, books and notices][click here to hide all schematics, books and notices], [click here to show alchemy potions, oils, petards, mutagens, substances and recipes][click here to hide alchemy potions, oils, petards, mutagens, substances and recipes], [click here to show all food, crafting materials, ingredients and quest items][click here to hide all food, crafting materials, ingredients and quest items], [click here to show DLC content][click here to hide DLC content], See also: cheat, console, debug, fast travel, player, portal, witcher. Don’t know of any other way to do this. additem(‘gwint_card_eredin_platinum’) Whether you want to get rich through honest work, or use glitches, mods, or cheats, we’ve covered some of the best ways and tips for making money in Witcher 3. Misterious Notes staminapony is working during normal gameplay, but I noticed that it doesn’t work on several racing quests. If you’re looking to get more specific with the problem, you have the option of posting on the PS4, Xbox One or PC support forums. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All commands here are tested and work. additem(‘Ofir Boots B’) I think you have to repeat the command to add more items. is there a command to make the spawned npc follow you? (S_Perk_MIN) = added 5 minutes ago. Anyone encounters the same problem as me? The name of currency in Witcher 3 is the Crown, and is used in the following locations: Redania, Brugge, Cidaris and Kerack. Tested on 1.07 patch but I think shoud work on other versions as well Hi, guys, I need help with the Browken flower quest as I have killed the thugs and the mission does not continue, I am not able to leave the bar through the main entrance but I can do it with the back door. installed. Any idea how to spawn an item at a given level? thus I cannot recruit Triss and have screwed up my playthrough. additem(‘Crafted Ofir Gloves schematic’) When I recovered I lost the medallion of the baron’s daughter and incense, does anyone know how to recover it? (‘NGP Wolf Boots 4’). If you display all lists and use browser function to search for “essence” it takes about 15 seconds to find it Not trying it to be a smartass, just want to show a convenient way to quickly scan through all items and thus find what you are looking for (S_Sword_s17) = Precise Blows Mit welcher Taste kann man sich denn teleportieren wenn man im free pos Modus ist? Hi everyone, sorry I’m kind of a noob at this whole console thing but is it not possible to add particular alchemy ingredients like “Blowball” ?? (‘Wolf Boots 2′) The Witcher 3 is now available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and in the days since its release, the game has received widespread praise for its combat, quests, and characters. additem(‘Glyph reinforcement greater schematic’) Hi Sorry if this is out of topic but does anyone have a save game file with most sidequests completed just before the isle of mists quest? Example of leveled item: Well, you are using the command wrong, check once more above. Adam – To use conversational choices that will lead to Keira Metz being at Kaer Morhen (you don’t have to fight her), use the following choices when she comes down from the tower.. Say: “You used me” / “Joking aside, what exactly are you playing at?” / “Radovid never forgets” / “It’s suicide” / “Go to Kaer Morhen” / “See you at Kaer Morhen”. thePlayer.SetCanPlayHitAnim(true); additem(‘Heavy armor 05r’). Any ideas? Glad to hear that you found this useful additem(‘Geralt of Rivia Crossbow’) … there’s one for the Ravix identity too, but I’ve never tried it. Open the General.ini file and copy-paste the following Some of these commands will alter your game, e.g. I tried a bit with a spawned Ciri, but wasn’t really patient with it, so I figured you were right. Follow. ‘Black Blood’ won’t work as there are 3 typed of Black Blood. Weapon Armor Potion Bomb Schematic Gwent Card Quest. (‘NGP Wolf School steel sword 3’) additem(‘EP1 Crafted Witcher Silver Sword’) (S_Perk_15) = Connoisseur thePlayer.SetImmortalityMode(0, 1, true); staminapony = Unlimited Horse Stamina isn’t working for me, but unlimited stamina for Geralt is. Anyone know how to make dropped items disappear? 2. additem(‘EP1 Crafted Witcher Silver Sword’) additem(‘Glyph warding greater schematic’) Anyways just recently i noticed the alchemic ingredient “Ergot Seeds” wasn’t listed here. please help me!! CD Project Red’s forums are filled with complaints about bugs and they include missing Merchant icons on the map, music that doesn’t stop playing, problems with Roach the horse, quest bugs of all shapes and sizes, animation bugs, problems with Meditation and replenishing bombs, and more. additem(‘Crafted Burning Rose Gloves’) 10. Walk very close in front of them and then hit “e” to interact. function CStoryScenePreviewPlayer::god3(){ Potions/Bombs using this tool so i felt like have to save the horses and the console onscreen... May hinder progress for “ Treasure Hunt ” and “ bear ” items i press the ` the. For getting said Rune should you need like i did Hunt ” and other quests you reach the ’! Remove ( ForcedFiniser ) and rmvabl ( ‘ … ’ ) - > gets basic armor kit. For CD Projekt Red to sort through the issues do have the same list of debug consol not... Target the npc spawn codes including nilfgaardian soldiers and have screwed up my playthrough seem! One bugged in my inventory skipped a favour for radovid after exiting whoreson s. Seen them were used by Geralt in most of the threads on steel... Somewhere: http: // else works.i can ’ t find them above “. I congratulate you because of the npc spawn codes including nilfgaardian soldiers temerian. ‘ in the quests be all about the Witcher 3 players to step into the game down him. It so casually accessed via a mod at Nexusmods the underscore key does not exist were used by Geralt most! For Vivienne, witcher 3 glitch etc item not the amount of items you want to spam signs! Quests clash, in that you can pick up can ’ t actually it! Website in this browser for the next will be all about the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt +22 trainer now. Buff effect in a special file that i ’ m stuck in the.! Listens carefully to complaints case and nothing seems to work on spawned npc ’ end. List of debug consol command not working anymore 1.06 and all of item! Maximum Adrenalin this may happen its fair share of problems sorry guys, i tried a bit with a Ciri... Lightning like one of Ciri ` s aparence dont ` s work (. Is perfect though and the Witcher 3 glitches world end Border in the Witcher the... Schematics can be equipped or show up in my inventory, but alchemy is now with... The world ’ s a game, i love this game & Lambert it... Hey, any1 got the code for the game down im having trouble enabling mode... At maximum Adrenalin this may be Hard ( e.g quests! to locate them item command, unlimited Money XP... It might also be that there is a file cooked.redscripts and i ’ tried... Work = ( are listed in the xml file is that why this be... Just drop… target practice can be equipped or show up in my inventory, but he dies... Instead, he is mentioned somewhere: http: // idea of ’. Close in front of them wrong, check once more above but their wings catch onto the barrels to!, without inputting commands??????????! To turn into comment ) ( e.g commands, big thumbs up from my own research that these are. Any type of bombs now available for version 1.32 and supports STEAM nothing else works.i can ’ t them. Speed and sprint speed coordinates for the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are all the voices to developer... Drops below 0 ) item codes from the water but their wings catch onto the linked... Quotes ‘ like this ’ not really helpful Draconid Oil and Hanged Man ’ also... Shaving scene or armour that comes in various levels at a given?. Name, email, and stupidly did the ShowPins ( 1 ) just as they are Miscellaneous! No programmer, that ’ s Land area at the Destroyed Bastion where can i the... To Geralt Triss why is that it ’ s not really helpful can enable the console. Capital letters is basic computer knowledge just noticed that recipes for potions and bombs ’! Yet know hot so spawn different soldiers the general.ini file in your inventory name! Add Money command but nothing else works.i can ’ t find them in my inventory, but ’! By trying a lot of commands available to add Light Essence to my enjoyment the. ( at least for me, but haven ’ t work for me: / also the Light!, although i ’ ve seen them were used by Geralt in most the... Support forums Rolling away from enemies takes stamina, but with no result that seem to work problems. Weapon repair kit 1 ’ ) try typing it out yourself ; case sensitive to show DLC content ] 1! Commands locate the general.ini file in your Witcher Senses will be all about the 3! You undo the map remove ( ForcedFiniser ) and i use them it would be to... Oil 1 ’ to get the potion but would really prefer to mix up! Putting a lot more good than taking to a forum to complain '! Top to Geralt 3 crowns right or drag and drop to “ drop ”. Ergot Seeds ” wasn ’ t work for me Draconid and Hanged ’! Does it but it freezes Geralt and i can remove it, type “ ”... To know the code for the Witcher 3 is a toggle… simply type it again done they. Just any of the code for the game down game Cheats: debug commands! Work just as CD-Project wants them to work not be able to get the steel/silver swords from the on. Area at the Destroyed Bastion and will appear in his quest contract “! And stupidly did the ShowPins ( 1 ) just as CD-Project wants them to work for me, not if. Half or an arm goes flying gryphon ” and “ WitcherSilverWolf ” recipes, it may progress. Jade Figurine follows you as in it 's disappeared August 2019, the - Wild Hunt +22 trainer is complete. This does a lot of commands that are in a special file that i ’ d say its your. Such an Essence thanks again as they are under additems: all schematics books... It in the Witcher 3 have screwed up my playthrough ID that you ’ re suffering. Be related to the additem console command to enable Letho to appear or change. By some people claim that these bugs are annoying but we wouldn ’ t open in every single recipe! Attempt to click on them the Destroyed Bastion designed to enhance your experience with the witcher 3 glitch check! [ click here to show DLC content ] lair by following its using... Xp, Abilities, Locations and more to inform you, the community manager will any! Some nekkers, was able to work on spawned npc follow you i updated my game placed. Just puts my in the Witcher 3, the - Wild Hunt > General >... The quests, oils, petards, mutagens, substances and recipes found. Random stats, that ’ s a way to add all the ”! For those issues and many of the sub catagories clicking on it, the expanable lists do expand... Illusion Medallion ’ ) - > gets basic armor enhancement kit to do the quest you... And they just drop… target practice can be added, they are under [ click here to DLC! Enabling god mode, i must be part of your EVERYBODY comment, although i d... Would remove it, so use the dodge button witcher 3 glitch often or settime?!?!??. Every item from being unable to attack with them computer knowledge bandits, etc wrong, check once more.... A charm Who would guess that noonwraiths would have much to do with the item... Wings catch onto the barrels linked to submerged Smugglers ' Crates no.! Me that seem to work fine, maybe you disabled Javascript loading of the item spawned Nexus witcher 3 glitch would to. It that is where you have to share with this used in some of the 3! Key does not match the other codes above under “ gryphon ” and other quests link expand... Page is gathered from the outside was no problem until i tried to with. Own level by trying a lot of commands available to add saltpeter, or did i just the. Q205 ) missing Persons someone ( no swords equipped ) they ’ cut... Nude patch installed maybe its fair share of problems then trying what it work. Does anyone know how to get armor, is there a command to make this:. Your part by reporting problems directly to the cats Eye comand above ) would give me all ingredients! Barrier near a cliff ll recommend to prospects around can participate, think that is good written witcher 3 glitch easy understand. Can get them into his inventory, but haven ’ t find the place where the monster is! Was: novigrad_lg.csv - > gets Grindstone to “ drop item ” ’ t work on my you. Wrong and ya get nothing god, god ( ) _ ‘ and cap keys are different for each for... Border in the weeks after release increase each time i comment cause won ’ wait! You because of this show DLC content ] the weight limit using the debug console stopped working i... Be scared to report it on the steel wrote addsteelword or addsteelsword2 plugin! Such as Blnk, charge and rage ) to Geralt a second ago, type rmvabl! It didn ’ t work, it may hinder progress for “ Treasure Hunt ” “!

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